Editorial Policy

Welcome to, a dedicated platform that aims to provide valuable and reliable information about pet cats, their behaviors, breeds, and general health. Founded by Emma Harrison, co-authored and edited by Freddie K. Stallings, and featuring Lisa M. Williams as our Pet Reveal Expert, we are committed to delivering accurate and high-quality content to our readers. In accordance with the E.E.A.T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) guidelines set forth by search engines like Google, we have established this comprehensive editorial policy to ensure the utmost integrity and reliability of our content.


Our commitment to expertise is at the core of our editorial policy. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of our content, our team adheres to the following principles:

Author Qualifications: Our authors and contributors possess relevant expertise and experience in the field of pet cats, including their behaviors, breeds, and health.

Citation of Sources: We will provide proper citations and references for any scientific or factual claims, ensuring transparency and credibility.

Review and Verification: All content undergoes a rigorous review process to confirm accuracy and relevance, with our Pet Reveal Expert providing oversight and validation.

Current Information: We strive to keep our content up-to-date with the latest research and developments in the field of feline care.


We aim to establish our website as an authoritative source for cat-related information. To achieve this goal, we adhere to the following principles:

Author Credentials: We prominently display author biographies and credentials to showcase the expertise of our team.

Collaboration: Our collaboration with Lisa M. Williams, a recognized expert in pet cat care, reinforces our authority in the field.

Editorial Oversight: All content is reviewed by our experienced editor, Freddie K. Stallings, to ensure accuracy, coherence, and adherence to our editorial standards.


Building and maintaining trust with our readers is of utmost importance to us. To ensure trustworthiness, we follow these guidelines:

Transparency: We clearly disclose our ownership, funding sources, and any potential conflicts of interest that could influence our content.

Ethical Practices: We strictly adhere to ethical standards and never compromise the welfare of animals in any of our content.

Fact-Checking: All factual claims are rigorously fact-checked, and corrections are promptly made if errors are identified.

User Safety: We prioritize the safety and well-being of our readers and their pets by providing accurate and responsible information.

Content Guidelines:

Our content focuses on cat behaviors, breeds, and general health. To ensure the highest quality, we adhere to the following content guidelines:

Comprehensiveness: Our articles are comprehensive, offering in-depth insights into various aspects of cat care.

Clarity: We strive for clear and concise writing, avoiding jargon that may confuse our readers.

Diversity of Topics: We cover a wide range of topics relevant to pet cats, ensuring our readers have access to a wealth of information.

User Engagement:

We value the input and feedback of our readers. To foster engagement and interaction, we encourage comments and questions from our audience. Our team is committed to responding promptly and professionally to reader inquiries.

Corrections and Updates:

If any errors are identified in our content, we will promptly correct them and inform our readers of the changes made. We also commit to updating our content to reflect the latest information and developments in the field of feline care.

Our editorial policy at reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering trustworthy, authoritative, and expert-driven content about pet cats. We are dedicated to providing our readers with valuable information that prioritizes the well-being of their feline companions. Through transparency, ethical practices, and a commitment to excellence, we aim to be a reliable resource for all cat lovers.