Seven Dumbest Cat Breeds, You Would Love to Pet

Cats are usually very playful and exciting creatures, but sometimes you may find them the dumbest cat breeds. This cannot be the case with most cats. There are specific characteristics in some cat breeds that may make you believe your cat is a dumb one.

As all cats are not the same, so is the lifestyle of people. You may only sometimes be looking for a very active and playful cat. You may need a peaceful soul in your home to provide a lazy and easy-to-handle cat companion. Your feline companion may be a little dumb, but they will capture your heart with their cuddly looks and proficient cleaning skills.

 The Dumbest Cat Breeds For You to Pet


Birmans are not very active, mild-tempered, and enjoy roaming around the house. However, watch out; they may be tripping over various objects. You won’t find them seeking your attention crazily or demanding attention. Still, they keep an eye on your activities. You can enjoy me-time in the presence of this breed; it won’t transgress your space. They rarely seek much of your attention.

Birman Cats
Birman Cats

You may find them a little dumb as they won’t respond to your meow every time. They will display their frustration in physical activity but not in sounds. You can find it stamping its paws when annoyed.

One habit that annoys Birman’s owners is the inclination to go missing. You can count it as their curious nature; they like exploring their whereabouts. This breed has the highest ratio amongst other breeds to go missing.

Birmans are known to go missing


There is an argument about this breed that it is less intelligent or more stubborn to ignore your instructions. You would adore them for being affectionate, but they take ages to understand your instructions and training.

Birmans are the best pet breed due to their friendly and cool nature. They may not be the smartest cats but are the best to adopt, as this is a loyal and lively breed.

Birmans have some physical traits of Siamese but are not equally active. They can follow you around at any time to roam around.

Birmans are not active cats

At the same time, they can sit for hours observing things around them. You can question the intelligence of this breed as they are curious beings and often flounder in strange places. You often find them stuck in your drawers and need help getting out.

Closely monitor them to save them from disappearing and going lost.

American Shorthair

This is self-assured, and I’m my own boss type of breed. You can train it to consider you and heed your instructions if you raise it from its initial days.

American Short is a Self-assured Breed
American Shorthair

American Shorthair is a self-reliant breed. Even though they understand you, they don’t need to follow you. These cats may believe your presence to be an extra in their life’s movie. They are good at hunting. They believe they can manage things well even without your instructions.

Despite being a favorite choice of the United States, you shouldn’t go for their cute looks because they are completely nuts. Their muscular legs provide them with American traits of liveliness and strength.

One crazy habit with this trait is that these cats are not using the litter box. One reason could be that it’s a too-lazy breed, and you can often find it sleeping most of the hours.

Consult a Vet for Lazy Cat

One thing you should be wary about and consult a vet if your cat sleeps for long times or is too lazy.

You can enjoy their silly behaviors like chasing their tails, tripping over furniture, banging into walls, and getting lost or stuck in small places or even holes. Keep a close eye on your cat as they may harm themselves in doing such silly actions.

American Shorthair Display Silly Behaviors

American Shorthair can be your partner for a long time; it is a cat breed known to live as long as 15 to 20 years.

Exotic Shorthair

Don’t judge a book by its cover is true for this cat breed. This breed looks gloomy, but this cat is very loving and friendly. With Persian cats’ looks, it is low on your budget, as grooming this short-coat cat costs less. Their hair doesn’t get tangled.

Exotic Shorthair

You can hardly teach them only a few tricks because they are slow learners. They can test your patience if you try teaching them some tricks. If you like your cat, follow your instructions and learn some tricks; you better bring a young kitten to your home.

This is a cool and loving breed that chooses and cares for its favorite people and likes to gain their attention. But you should avoid getting this breed if you have a busy routine; these cats don’t like being alone. This is another sluggish breed pertaining to its genetic association with Persian cats.

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic shorthairs have short, rounded, and strong bodies. They can gain weight, so you need to check their food intake. Their tears overflow due to their flat face and cause stains under their eyes.

Exotic Shorthair

If you don’t like noise in your home or apartment, this breed can be the right choice due to its gentle personality. They are friendly with other cats and dogs. They remain playful even in advanced years.


It’s a mixed breed of Persian and Siamese cats who share their looks. If you are searching for a dumb cat, you should end with the Himalayas.

The Himalayans, one of the Dumbest Cat Breeds
The Himalayan Cat Breed

They are cool-tempered, easy-going, rarely vocal, and called lap cats. They are said to be the descendants of Asian leopard cats.

They like living alone, are liberated, and are uninterested in interacting with humans. Self-assured of their beautiful looks, they remain busy grooming alone or prefer to sleep. Their thick coat needs daily care.

If you are looking for a cat to cuddle with, the Himalayas are not a good choice. Being independent breeds, they are not interested in other pets. They don’t make noise, but they are loud and clearly audible when they do. They prefer quiet homes.

Himalayan Cat Breed

They are indoor cats, and they are dumb enough that they can easily be stolen and adjusted in some new place easily. They don’t like pet beds or cages.

Himalayan, dumbest cat breed

You can depend on them as your guards because they promptly observe and respond to changes around you and react only when required. They are also fond of water.


A Snowshoe can allure you with its melodic meow impressing you that they adore you.

Snowshoe Cat Breed
Snowshoe Cat

If you want a laid-back dumb cat yet loving, Snowshoe is just the right pick for you. Though this breed is intelligent and can learn to follow simple commands, it is still considered dumb due to its laziness.

Despite being beautiful and intelligent, why is it considered one of the dumbest cat breeds? The short and simple answer is due to its laziness. It’s too lazy to follow your commands. To put it more accurately, they believe humans to be their servants to serve them in their dirty jobs.

Snowshoe Cat

One significant feature of this breed is that these cats pick one person as their favorite, who cannot choose to ignore them at any cost. If you are their chosen one and dare ignore your Snowshoe, be ready to find shredded things on your return.

Snowshoe cat Breed

Suppose you are an affectionate and accommodating soul, ready to make room for this feline fellow. In that case, this lazy breed can be a nice addition to the household.

The Persian Cat

Are you in quest of a furry companion to enjoy roaming around your house and making friends with elders and kids? Let the Persian cat be your ultimate choice! This royal breed is known for being affectionate, docile, and sweet, making it a good choice for all family units.

One significant benefit of keeping a Persian cat is that it requires low maintenance. They are a trouble-free addition to the home. Persian cats are highly particular about their grooming habits, so their owners don’t have to do much about it.

Persian Cats

Persian cats enjoy playing around with kids at home and can cuddle up with some adults at bedtime.

Persian cats, with their flat faces and thick coats, appear dumb or grumpy but are still charming. Their self-grooming habits can be laborious for the cats.

Persian Cats
Persian Cats

You should frequently brush their hair to avoid tangling and matting. This love and attention will improve your bondage with this furry feline.

Persian cats may appear dumb due to laziness and passivity. They prefer sprawling on soft cushions to physical activity or probing the courtyard. Due to this, some owners refer to their Persians as “fluffy pieces of furniture.”

Lazy Persian Cats
Persian Cat

Despite their laid-back behavior, Persian cats are markedly affectionate and are great indoor companions. They are famous for their cleaning habits and not making a mess because they prefer staying in one place longer and avoiding going out.

Their inactivity may give an impression of low intelligence, but it is certainly not true about Persian cats. They are one of the most popular breeds of pet cats due to their various positive traits.

But their owner should take care to get their Persians involved in some physical activities because they are naturally not inclined towards physical activities. For this purpose, puzzles, interactive toys, or a short daily play session can be effective.

Persian cats’ loving nature and warm response to your love and affection are enough to ignore their laziness and passivity.


Ragdoll cats are famous for their extreme submissiveness and fondness for human relationships. They are a calm and gentle breed that feels comfortable when you pick, hold, and cuddle them. The Ragdoll breed can be the best choice if you are searching for a cat that enjoys human interaction, cuddling, and stroking.

Ragdoll Cats Breeds
Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll breed has a distinct trait: they have an independent streak and prefer getting things done on their own terms. You may find them dumb because your attempts to train them may be rewarded with sheer indifference or a blank glaze.

Ragdoll Breed

Despite their lack of interest in following your directions, Ragdolls are a fantastic breed if you are looking for a cat that cuddles you back with the same intensity. These cats don’t get agitated or frightened because of their docile nature.

However, a snag to their extreme compliance is that they may need to be more active and playful. They prefer loitering and relaxing, which can cause obesity and health issues. Therefore, you should watchfully keep them engaged and involved in physical activities.

Fortunately, there is a silver lining: these cats are low-maintenance and do not need special grooming. Their fluffy and soft coats do not get tangled easily, and they do not shed in the extreme.

Ragdoll Cats

You might get annoyed by Ragdolls’ lack of interest in being obedient and trainable; still, their loving nature balances things out for you. They form an excellent company for children and need little maintenance, making it a perfect choice for busy families.


In conclusion, cats are fascinating creatures that have captured human hearts for centuries. Despite being known for their intelligence and entertaining personalities, they are sometimes considered “dumb” due to their perceived laziness and independence. However, it is important to recognize that cats have their unique ways of expressing themselves and interacting with their environment. Their beauty and loving nature as companions make them adorable and beloved by many. Ultimately, it is the bond between cats and humans that makes them such beloved creatures. We should appreciate them for who they are rather than trying to fit them into our definitions

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