Five Valid Reasons Why Cats Roll on Concrete

If you find it strange why does your cat roll on concrete? Your curiosity is justified but there is nothing to worry about. Cats fascinate human beings with their peculiar and fascinating characteristics. They are known for being playful, independent, and friendly pets.

Cats also have eccentric habits that leave their owners wonder-struck. One of these habits is to keep rolling back on concrete surfaces like garage floors, courtyards, and sidewalks. But why do cats prefer to roll on concrete more than other materials? Here we will explore various reasons underlying this queer behavior.

Five Valid Reasons Why Cats Roll on Concrete?

Cats have instinctive behaviors, they appear queer to human beings. Cats manage their body temperature and mark their territory. Let’s explore some of the valid reasons for preferring concrete to other materials.

Temperature Regulation

Cats like Concrete

One of the main is that cats enjoy laying on concrete because it absorbs and retains heat well. Cats enjoy rolling on the concrete surface during the cold seasons, as it keeps them warm and cozy despite the dropped temperatures. Moreover, concrete helps regulate a cat’s body temperature during summer, providing a colder place for relaxation.

Textural Sensations

Concrete provides Sensation for Cat's Paws and Body

Concrete satiates cats’ textural sensations. Cats love textures, and concrete provides a comforting sensation for their paws and bodies. Therefore, they roll around to enjoy the rough surface of concrete, which can help exfoliate dead skin cells from cats’ fur, leaving them more relaxed.

Mental Stimulation

Cats are adventurous creatures who like to explore and observe their surroundings. They can view and enjoy a novel, engaging sensory experience lying on a soothing concrete surface.
They can lay there for hours, watching people and birds moving there and there. Such mental stimulation is suitable for cats’ general well-being and health. Additionally, their minds remain active and vigilant.

Territorial Marking

Cats Leave their Scent on Concrete for Territorial Marking

Cats are instinctively territorial creatures. Their innate solid instinct is to mark their territory by rolling around on various surfaces. They feel comfortable lying on concrete surfaces and proclaim domination over their surroundings.

One strong reason cats roll around on a concrete surface is to mark their territory. There are scent glands located all over cats’ bodies, and they release pheromones rolling over concrete to mark their territory around with it.

Cats have a strong sense of smell, and they effectively use it to communicate with other cats. Territory marking through their scents in a gentle manner of conveying their dominance over a particular area. Through this female cat, inform male cats she is set for mating.


Concrete is commonly used in various outdoor spaces, and cats can easily relate to it in their outside environment. Cats may also feel at home comfortably on a concrete surface and prefer its coarse texture.

Do I Need To Worry If My Cat Is Rolling Around In Concrete?

No, you shouldn’t. Rolling over a coarse concrete surface is natural for cats. They feel joyful playing around and relaxing on concrete as it balances their body temperatures. Cats can get gratified with a good scratch and stretch on concrete. Rolling over their back can help them reduce unwanted coats and excessive fur.

All you need to do is that your cat may not have parasites and is short of your attention and cuddling.
Let them enjoy their instinctive behavior. Just observe them for their safety when they are outside or display some eccentric behavior.

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